Monday, June 22, 2009

What we are eating this week...

I make all our meals Gaps diet friendly for our daughter. We usually have a simple salad with every meal to get our greens and if I have time I like to make some kind of dessert or grain free bread to enjoy. I'll try to post a recipe that is gaps modified sometime. To check out more menus go here.

Chicken, lemon and leek pot pies with salads and Sue Gregg's yogurt pie without the crust made with homemade raw milk yogurt and fresh pineapple

Salmon fillets with whatever veggies I have and coconut muffins

Liver and bacon stir fry (from Eat fat, Lose fat) with a green salad

Veggie quiche with a salad

Ground beef gyros with fruit salad

What we've been doing...

Eating clam chowder on rainy days.

Loving strawberry salads.

Playing outside.

Achieving new milestones.

Trying new yummy recipes.

Taking lots of pictures.

Hammock love.

Took a quick trip to Nebraska.

Enjoying all the rain.